R. Meyer, Texas, USA

“ The two young entrepreneurs who have recently formed an Indian startup company offering CTO level technology consulting services including enterprise software design and execution. I contracted with Ray several months ago to participate with me and my team in the development of a startup company I have formed with a business model having to do with law website.

I have a long history of working in various capacities with technicians in all phases of technology commercialization. I went through a very deliberate highly detailed search for the best candidate I could find to provide the IT services I required for my startup. Ray and Andy are superior to any other company I could find. I am totally satisfied with their work and in fact, the exceeded my expectations.

Ray and Andy are enormously talented as hard working. Culturally they are strongly inclined toward hard work and customer satisfaction. When deadlines loom, the time difference makes them productive while we here in the states have downtime. ”

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