Surveys confirm that much time and cost could be saved in offshore software development projects if modern techniques are applied in execution and delivery. All phases of software development might need an overhaul and help you in gearing up for radical improvement in requirement analysis, performance optimization, delivery and quality assurance – We can help you out with tailored technical consulting!

Offshore Software Development process is very lengthy and difficult to understand for non-tech-savvy clients who do not have an idea of the solution, technology. The clients generally focus on their budget, time constraints, and features. Most of the time, it is observed software vendor teams are wasting their time and resources in formalizing the specifications. Eventually, it goes towards the wrong direction to the client. As a result, the software delivers without following the proper guidance of Software Architecture & Deployment.

In India, there are lots of software vendors available who can design and develop software solutions. However, clients do not have enough experience in terms of technology to judge them for the solution with regards to cost and value addition.

You Might Experience Following Issues Without Proper Technical Consulting

  • Lack of efficient project management

  • Unplan Software delivery management

  • Charging for unnecessary change request

  • Lack of proper documentation

  • Poor Architecture

  • Improper tools & technology

  • Inefficient Performance & Scalability

  • Ignore Security measurement

Explore Our Service

At Accusoft Infoways, we help to understand client business needs. We do a 360-degree business analysis and frame a product proposal and specification for an optimal cost-effective technical solution. Our Technical Consultant & Business Analyst provides Personal time and guidance to Client Idea / Business Objective.

Our Technology consulting is covered every area of software development. Technology consulting also syncs with business strategic goals.

Our core service offerings include –

  • Cloud Consulting as Service

  • Application Migration Consulting as Service

  • Software Architecture Consulting as Service

  • Performance Optimization Consulting as Service

  • Code Review as Service

  • Big Data Consulting as Service

Our Expertise

Our Technology Consulting Phase Involves:

  • Requirement Analysis ( Understand your idea, Market Research)

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Mockup and Click through Wireframe

  • Define Scope using Different Documents such as System Requirement Study Document (SRS), Server Side Architecture.

  • Technology Selection, Framework / Algorithm Identification

Program Manager that includes:

  • Vendor Selection for trusted Development Partner

  • Execution of Project

  • Project Monitoring

  • Daily updates for the status to the client

  • QA

  • Live Delivery

Technical consulting before formally start development will help you to reduce the overall 30% cost and timelines. Accusoft Infoways technical consulting services will provide you the most optimized for your business requirements and that to deliver on time.

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.

How it works?