Vehicle Tracking System

GPS tracking system and solution allows you to manage your business assets and resources effectively, providing access to vital information that helps to improve your services and reduces cost. It is the solution which can show you all the required details of your business vehicles with alert and be reporting features.

  • Vehicle Recovery

  • RFID

  • Alerts

  • Stoppages

  • Over Speed

  • Identify Un-utilized

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Fuel Saving

  • Geo-Fencing

  • Locate the nearest vehicle

  • Multi-Language

  • Mileage by GPS

  • Tamper Protection

  • Control Room

  • Mobile and Tablet Compatible

  • Small Device and Quick Installation

Details Of Vehicle Tracking System And Management System

  • Accurate km reading

  • Compatible with Mobile and tablet

  • Over the air, firmware updating

  • Advanced geo-fencing and landmark with the list of vehicles

  • Multi language support i.e. English, Hindi, and Gujarati etc.

  • Easy User Interface. So, very less learning curves

  • Battery backup

  • GUI is compatible with any type of mobile or tablet.

  • Advanced dashboard with graphs and charts

  • In case of finding the exact location of theft or towed vehicle, the immobilizer is helpful

  • It alerts when the temperature goes beyond the desired temperature

  • Temper protection alerts in case of somebody do mischief with the device.

  • In case of Ignition on and speed zero or ignition off n in-speed (towing) vehicle, it alerts and reports.

  • Gives accurate mileage by GPS

  • Tentative time to reach to a status

  • Can be viewed multiple vehicles on a single screen or also provide multi-monitor support

  • Quick installation of a small device with 3 wires only.

  • Can be viewed nearest vehicle, in case of a vehicle breakdown

  • Possible to integrate with third party software

  • Helps to justify accident reasons i.e.: the wrong side, over speed, harsh breaks, harsh acceleration.

  • Small size device-quick, hidden installation with three wires only.

  • RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) is used for schedule attendance

  • Possible attachments: temperature sensor, RFID, fuel flow sensor, immobilized vehicle

  • It can show the location of vehicle stoppages and how long it halted.

  • In case of vehicle low battery, power disconnection, or over speed, it gives reports and sends an alert message.

  • In case of GPRS disconnection, Local storage of waypoints are provided

  • With the advanced highly sensitive service of GPS, it can locate the nearest vehicle in real time by landmark.

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