Table Restaurant Booking

The initial idea was to make an online Restaurant Table Booking System for the web as well as mobile applications.

  • Combing Restaurant services in an application

  • Combining dating and social networking in an application

  • Location-specific app

  • Real-time information of people and places

  • Location-based Deal management


The client came to Accusoft  Infoways with the unique concept. We at initial level extensively researched and studied the case and provided the solution which as follows –

  • Native Smartphone application for iOS & Android

  • Web Application using J2EE Technology

  • High definition graphics to enhance the user experience

  • Accusoft Infoways recommended scalable server-side architecture for performance optimization

  • We have recommended different Amazon services like Amazon Simple Storage (S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Cloud Fron

  • Geolocation Algorithm


  • We start this project with consulting phases. Our Technical Consulting team has first understood the deep idea of requirement, Market Research, identify & Suggest the best solution, Defining solution into a proper document, (SRS), Define Server Side Architecture, Technology Selection with Mockup – Wireframe (Proof of Concept).

  • Once it is finished, we started Project Management services which include finding trusted development partner, Execution of Project, Daily up to date Project Management, Quality Assurance and Live the Project

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.

How it works?