Panic Killer Mobile App

We always come across the problems related to security. It is used to panic and frustrate us. But in such a situation where security is in center point, here comes the ‘No more panic’.

  • Can Get Orders Anywhere

  • As it is said ‘safety comes first’, here is the solution to come out of such a situation when you don’t find yourself safe.

  • By using a panic killer app, which is damn easy, you can inform your dear ones about your unsafe situation within no time.

  • It can be controlled by the volume button, not power button so there is no issue of getting your cell phone switched off.

  • It can also be triggered even when a user is performing some task on a cell phone like listening to music, watching videos etc.

  • The user can select as many people from contacts as he/she wants to send an SMS when he/she get trapped in such a situation.

  • In such situation, selected contacts member’s call can be automatically received so that person can be aware regarding user’s condition while panic time.

  • Mock Drill option explains step by step process so a user can utilize this app thoroughly when he/she doesn’t feel safe or secure.

Features Of Panic Killer Mobile App

  • Compatible with Android 4.4 – KitKat and 5.0 – Lollipop

  • False Alarm Abortion

  • Mock Drill

  • Controlled by volume button

  • Can be triggered automatically

  • Sends two SMS with location & call log

  • Auto Call Receive

  • Available on Google Play Store

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How it works?