Order Management System

The Order Management System goes far beyond efficient order entry and order processing for retailers.

  • Can Get Orders Anywhere

  • Easy User Interface

  • Can Sync The Data

  • Opening / Closing Stock Can Display On Dashboard

  • Supports Bluetooth Printer

  • Improves Sales

  • No Chance Of Mistake

  • Improves Customer Relations

Features Of Order Management System

  • Clients like our OMS system because of its simplicity and undisputed features.

  • Can get orders anywhere as it is cloud-based.

  • Easy user interface for quick operation

  • All types of cell phone device screen-size compatible application.

  • It is a real-time solution with practical and innovative features.

  • This solution is highly user-friendly & shows the latest products & price updates from the cloud.

Functionalists Of Order Management System

  • This application is specially designed for dealers, distributors, retailers, who order goods regularly.

  • Can take orders directly from the field.

  • Provides functionality to sync the data.

  • The system directly places the order based on defined threshold-count for each product.

Benefits Of Order Management System

  • Improves sales visibility.

  • Improves customer relations.

  • Efficient order processing with a minimum of delays and back-orders.

  • No chance of mistake as it is not manual work.

Applicable Areas Of Order Management System

  • Health Care

  • Charter Accountant

  • Automobile Transportation

  • Agriculture

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Government

Hardware Requirement

  • Android device (Smartphones or Tablets)

  • Bluetooth printer (if receipt required)

  • Java enabled devices

Software Requirement

  • Android 2.2 And Above Versions

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