Open Community Network

The initial idea of a client was to develop Open Community network that includes different domains such as Travel, Music, Healthcare, Religions into one and allow a customer to choose any domain based on their need.

  • Combining different domains into one

  • Saas based subscription plan

  • Flexible Architecture for any customization


Accusoft Infoways with the unique concept. We at initial level extensively researched and studied the case and provided the solution which as follows –

  • Native Smartphone application for iOS and Android

  • Web Application using PHP Technology

  • Cloud-based Hosting

At an initial stage, our consultant has spent a good amount of times to study the domains that client has suggested and do the depth gap analysis to identify common modules that can be used at the initial level and helpful for business as well revenue point of view.

We divided the consulting team as per the module wise. Their role was to study the domain, identify features, and map to identify common modules, Define Architecture.

Once we identified the common module, the next task was to fit all of into the System. So the next task was to define the flexible architecture that has solid Database Mapping, Identification of Business Rules that covers all scenarios.

Once we defined architecture and features, the next things were to prepare the static prototype for a client. Based on this prototype we identified the best marketing strategy to get initial customers who are interested to buy this subscription plan. We do have involved our marketing system to do data research work, cold-calling and set up a meeting with a client to showcase this Proof of concept.

Within 3 months, the client has got good numbers of customers who were interested to buy this product


  • We start this project with consulting phases. Our Technical Consulting team has first understood the deep idea of requirement, Market Research, identify & Suggest the best solution, Defining solution into a proper document, (SRS), Define Server Side Architecture, Technology Selection with Mockup – Wireframe (Proof of Concept)

  • Once it is finished, we started a Project Management service which includes finding trusted development partner, Execution of Project, Daily up to date Project Management, Quality Assurance and Live the Project.

  • The team has also identified the best marketing strategy to a client to get a good customer on Initial Stage:

Application Details

  • Separate Dashboard for Super Admin, Sub Admin, Domain Specific users

  • We initially covered Travelling, Music, Healthcare and Religions Communities

  • Common features list based on the domain

  • Subscription Plan Package for Domain

  • Location-based Services to Attract Customers with their Domain

  • Push Notification Services Implementation

Client Benefits

  • Using this system, the client is having almost 10k+ Subscription

  • Few of customers have done the necessary customization on the modules

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.

How it works?